The Senior Project Manager (SPM) will coordinate the execution of projects from concept to installation. The SPM has a deep knowledge of the business, and understands the tasks and costs associated with completing a successful project, while also being aware of the stakeholders and partners involved. The outcome of a successful SPM is ensuring that all projects are on-time, on-budget, provide the best possible client solutions within the budgeted hours allocated, and are executed as promised.

The Senior Project Manager (SPM) will manage the internal workflow for projects from content development to design to installation. The Senior Project Manager must be able to work well on a team and work on a wide variety of projects in a fast-paced atmosphere.

A successful SPM will coordinate project execution plans across departments and with internal and external partners. They will facilitate the development and alignment at the beginning of each phase, check-in throughout the phase to ensure progress and deliverables are being met, and agreed on approaches. The PM will also be responsible for overseeing contract progress, support billing and change order management.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Creates and maintains project budgets and schedules
  • Creates and executes project work plans and schedules as per the contract
  • Ensures exhibit project development and deliverables adhere to contractual obligations
  • Facilitates team coordination meetings effectively
  • Documents and tracks decisions, approvals, and action items from meeting and calls
  • Coordinates with consultants to guarantee integration of all aspects on the project
  • Responsible for assisting with contracting and managing Luci Creative sub-consultants
  • Ensuring that all project correspondence including but not limited to agendas, meeting notes, memorandums, etc. are created and distributed
  • Works with project leads and Operations Manager to identify staffing resource needs to accommodate project schedules and deadlines across departments
  • Assist with change order or additional development scope, schedule and budgets
  • Responsible for working with Operations Manager to develop and distribute billing and contract changes/tracking, invoicing
  • Travel to projects as needed 20-40%

Project Management:

  • Become well-versed in the project, including design and content (specific stories, artifacts, and images)
  • Act as the bridge for all project information and coordination from design to build
  • Creates and maintains project budgets and schedules for projects
  • Ensures exhibit project’s development and deliverables adhere to contractual obligations
  • Drive projects from inception to execution in collaboration with Luci team members, Fabrication team members, and external partners.
  • Responsible for day-to-day internal team coordination; communicates and assists with managing client expectations and communication
  • Attend major project meetings as needed with design team, external team, vendors and clients
  • Responsible for creating and maintaining a master matrix/documentation for projects and assign numbering systems
  • Work directly with team to cross align exhibit elements as required in documents and matrices (updating spreadsheets, number systems, ensuring alignment in project documentation)
  • Track changes to components to ensure cross communication between clients and team
  • Assist project team with meeting coordination and project deliverable coordination
  • Ensure departmental delivery for meeting and presentation deliverables and completeness
  • Monitor contract deliverables related to script, images and illustrations from client or consultants and notify project leads of status
  • Manage all material samples, graphic proofs, and shop drawings during the Construction Administration (CA) phase (track approvals, log, distribute, duplicate and return as needed)
  • Work with design team to number floor plans and elevations

Develop & Maintain Global Deliverable Documents:

  • Overall Project matrices and project log
  • Coordinate receipt of client deliverables to Luci Creative
  • Artifact schedule
  • Graphic panel schedule
  • Audiovisual and interactive matrix
  • Finish schedule
  • Script coordination
  • Touch point documentation

Assist with Development of Project Documents:

  • Responses to Requests for Information from fabricators and vendors
  • Meeting notes as required
  • Project Log- tracking of all incoming documents
  • Invoicing
  • Reimbursable tracking and documentation
  • Purchase Order creation and management

Desired Education and Skills:

  • 7-10 years of working in a Museum or Cultural Institution, Design Agency, Live Entertainment, Theatre Production, or other relevant industry, 7+ years of experience in a Project Management role
  • Deep knowledge of the Content, 2-D, 3-D departmental functions related to project work
  • Attention to detail, accuracy, and quality control
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong knowledge of MS Office (Excel, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint) Adobe Creative Suite, CAD experience
  • Must be familiar with a project management software for multiple projects
  • Ability to develop design services estimates, a major plus
  • Familiar with the project phases for design to execution
  • Must have basic financial and cost management skills