This year has been like none other. Despite the challenges 2020 has presented, the Luci Creative team continues to thrive. Here is what our team members had to say about their accomplishments this year:

“We have a strong and resilient team here at Luci Creative. Everyone quickly adapted to working from home, and found inventive and resourceful ways to collaborate and support our clients virtually. I am so proud of our team and how we continue to grow in so many ways!” – AJ Goehle, CEO & Partner

“In January 2020, I became a Steering Committee Chairperson for the Chicago Museum Exhibitors Group. And, wow, what a year to take on a new volunteer position! However, I am pleased to report that our 30-year-old all-volunteer organization quickly pivoted to virtual events. I am so proud that we have been able to provide so many Chicagoland museum folks with much-needed support during this challenging time.” – Isabel Singer, Exhibit Developer

“I’m never one to talk too much about or “sell” myself – just not my style. Thankfully, my peers are happy to do so for me. I have had more friends and colleagues recommend me as “someone to know” or “a great resource” in our industry than ever before. It makes me feel so special and I truly appreciate all of the support. I’m always happy to help, just ask!” – Rachel K. Strack, Marketing Manager

“This year has brought on new design challenges. While working with a great team, I was able to not only design playspaces for the first time, but 6 of them at that.” – Angelica Guzman, Exhibit Designer

“The best-laid plans for a project with ambitious community engagement turned sideways after our first set of in-person workshops in early March became our last. But with a resourceful museum as our partner, we made those planned in-person events sometimes even more meaningful remote ones. I’d never before had the opportunity to talk with museum audiences where they actually live: at kitchen tables, riding buses, walking around in their neighborhoods. Those conversations were some of the most creative and inspiring ones I had all year.” – Sarah Ingraham, Senior Creative Strategist

“This year, I’ve had the privilege of facilitating some challenging and thoughtful discussions with our team on race, colonialism, and other critical forces that shape the societal context in which we do our work. I’m proud of my colleagues for showing up for these discussions with enthusiasm, open minds, and a willingness to make this a continual part of our practice, rather than a fleeting consideration.” – Trevor Cunnien Senior Exhibit Developer

The Luci Creative team takes part in a diversity and inclusion workshop facilitated by Trevor Cunnien

“In 2020 there was this little hiccup to normal life known as ‘Rona. Coordinating our response, policy, and planning has had some challenges, but overall I’m very proud of the adaptability and focus on safety I brought to the adventure.” – David Lorenc, Human Resources

“I am very proud of myself, and all my teammates, that despite all the challenges of this year, we were able to put forth the extra effort to accomplish our goals. We have proven to be effective and good communicators, and certainly highly adaptable to our new remote work.” – Agustin Guzman, Graphic Designer

“While I’ve experienced a great deal of unexpected professional growth in 2020, perhaps the most significant change I’ve felt is on a more personal level. I typically operate at a very fast pace; my expectations for everyone–family, friends, coworkers, clients, myself– has always been extraordinarily high. But in these last few months I’ve learned to step back and take a breath, to be more empathetic to everyone’s situation. Patience has never come easily for me, but I’m getting there.” – Jaime Hotz, Art Director

“One of the best things to come out of 2020 was the transformative master planning work that we accomplished with the Buffalo History Museum. I was so proud to work with their staff, board and stakeholders to create a vision for the future Museum that is more inclusive, accessible, and engaging for all of their guests. It was great to see their staff plan and develop a new process for long-term community engagement that will bring the Museum to more communities across Western New York.” – Bryan Markowitz, Senior Creative Strategist

“This year has been one for the books, indeed, but through it all, I’ve been exceptionally proud of Luci and the work we’ve been able to do while all working from our respective homes. Part of that work, for me, was wrapping up my first full batch of graphic designs for an exhibit. It was a lot of hard work from our team, but I’m really pleased with the work we did.” – Michael Boehnlein, Production Graphic Designer

“We are a very active, collaborative studio – it is a big part of our design practice to print out all of our ideas for projects, throw them on the conference table and have lively discussions as a group while pinning concepts, hand sketches and post-its to big boards. We love inviting clients in to take part in this fun and creative work. Back in March, we had to get really creative to simulate this type of practice while we were all working remotely from our homes. We quickly found digital solutions and made it happen through cloud-based technologies. Not only can we collaboratively design with our team and clients safely from our homes but we are so much more environmentally friendly as a studio- no paper means we save trees!” – Sarah Anderson, Art Director

Luci Creative Team Members Sarah Anderson, Agustin Guzman, and Morgan Semmelhack plus their families painted Black Lives Matter murals on boarded up businesses in the Wicker Park neighborhood on Juneteenth.

“There are several instances this year where I worked really well under a lot of pressure. I find those moments fun and exciting, especially when all of the hard work pays off. It brings me right back to my days as an athlete and striving off of competition and high-pressure situations. Those moments stand out the most to me looking back at this year; I am very proud of myself!” – Morgan Semmelhack, Graphic Designer

“I’m most proud of how our studio transitioned to remote work at the outset of the pandemic work remote guidance. There was a collective effort to change how we worked to push our use of digital tools and then find new tools to create a digital collaboration that has the same robustness as our in-person work.” – Mark Ewing Production Manager

“Throughout my career, I have helped many companies elevate their brands, and sell more products and services to their customers. Joining Luci Creative this past year has been the highlight, working side by side with an amazing team of talented, creative, deep thinkers to impact the visitor/customer experience. One area this has been especially meaningful for me is – together we have explored diversity, equity, and inclusion both as a team and in our work.” – Jill Rossini, Manager of Business Development

“I have enjoyed reflecting on our 3D teams growth as designers. They have being given a true lead role as designers to design and manage their projects from start to finish with the Project Directors. What great exposure and experience into the entire project Scope of Work at early points in their careers.” – Jeff Bartle, Design Director

“In the development of current and proposed projects, visually bringing them to life by 3D rendering has been challenging and rewarding. With this opportunity, I’ve been able to give clients more clarity to our spatial designs and ideas to inspire. Honing realistic and stylistic techniques has given me more tools to utilize in the future.” – Brad Resnick, Graphic Production Lead

“Working full time, plus home life, plus home schooling, plus everything 2020 makes for a busy life. Despite everything, I still was determined to make time for myself and progress my future. In three weeks I will finally complete my MBA program!” – Brandy Olsen, Operations Manager

“This year, I have been a driving force in the creation of three new museum concept designs. I’ve been able to flex my design skills across diverse environments, from showcasing priceless artifacts in sophisticated settings to providing playful learning opportunities to budding young environmental scientists (children). It’s been a joy to dream up these spaces, and it’ll be very rewarding continuing them through the process to their installation.” – Mike Gospel, Lead Exhibit Designer

“While watching Disney’s Teen Beach Movie, I wanted to create some activities to remind me of being at a museum. I did some quick research and writing, and then posted a blog about creating an at-home museum. What started out as a fun at home project, became a viral post that is still shared on museum, education, and cultural websites today.” – David Whitemyer, Director of Business Development

David Whitemyer had a blast labeling “Zoo Animals” as apart of his blog on building a museum at home.

“This year was one of introspection: around the world, in our studio, in my own home. The move to remote work coupled with the racial reckoning across the nation deeply impacts how we work and relate to each other. We are looking critically at our creative practice, setting aside time to learn new perspectives, and identifying what we can do as a team and a business to live the values of dismantling systemic inequality. I’m proud to be part of a team who meets the challenges in front of us head-on, who evolve with curiosity, and bring that spark to the stories we tell.” – Kiah Shapiro, Manager of Strategy

“I am proud of how much I have honed and expanded my exhibit development skills this year, especially working with larger and more complex projects. I’ve particularly enjoyed working with the design team even earlier content development process, and am proud of the work we’ve done together. But my favorite thing, as always, has been how much I’ve learned from our projects. I get better at trivia games every year!” – Chaucey Slagel, Senior Exhibit Developer

“This was a big year of change for me, to say the very least, after entering the museum design world and having to quickly learn the ropes. My skills were put to the test when I became lead project manager on an exhibit this past spring. Seeing the now-finished exhibit, I feel thrilled knowing that I contributed in creating a piece of art that will be enjoyed by many. It is that drive and new-found passion that excites me for whatever is to come next.” – Adriana Castanos

“This year was a big year, despite everything. My team at Ravenswood Studio and I built Luci Creative a world-class, 6,000 square foot design studio. I also added over 400 solar panels to our roof as a part of our green initiative.” – Michael Shapiro, President & Partner

“Transitioning from a vibrant design studio environment to an online creative group has been challenging. While pretty tough in the beginning, I’m super happy with how well its worked so far, and how well the quality of work has held up. I in particular began to enjoy very long days out on the deck, working under an umbrella and still getting the work done. It turned into a very enjoyable experience!” – Kevin Snow, Executive Creative Director

“The year 2020 has been described as a year of challenges, patience, and unknowns. But with obstacles comes new opportunities to discover along the way. Little did I know when deciding to make a career switch, I would be navigating this endeavor in the middle of a global pandemic on top of a challenged economy. Through self-reflection, determination, and finding every opportunity to virtually connect within the design community—I’ve continued to uncover my next career purpose, met a lot of passionate creative thinkers, and found myself connected here with the right team at Luci Creative.” – Carrie Moise, Senior Exhibit Designer

“This year I was the lead designer for two children’s educational exhibits and playspaces as well as the supporting designer for a few larger scale educational exhibits. During these projects, I have been able to both grow as a designer and utilize my drafting skills to drive the design and communication forward. While we have not been able to open some of the spaces that we have built this year due to Covid-19, we were able to incorporate some interactivity around Covid & General Health Safety that will help teach children how to properly stay clean and healthy.” – Cole Rutstein, Exhibit Designer

“Before the pandemic set in, we designed an enormous and exciting tradeshow experience for one of the largest corporate clients out there. It took years of talking, months of planning, and endless cheeseburgers. I am so proud of the work we did to stretch our process and practice beyond what Luci Creative had ever done before. We translated our museum expertise and storytelling to an entirely new clientele. It would have been a great show and someday we will put it on!” – Morgan Bury, Project Strategy Director