Full-service creative agency Luci Creative collaborated with the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago (MSI) to create and execute the design and fabrication of the Museum’s newest temporary exhibit, “Turn Back the Clock.” The recently launched exhibit explores the history and enduring relevance of “The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’’ iconic Doomsday Clock, one of the most provocative symbols of the 20th century that represents the global threats due to nuclear weapons and climate change and is currently set at two and a half minutes to midnight

“Luci’s creative collaboration, as well as their range of in-house execution capabilities, were invaluable as the Museum worked to not only communicate a complex narrative but also incorporate the interactive elements for which MSI is known,” said Dr. Patricia Ward, director of science exhibitions and partnerships, Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago. “The result is a visually appealing exhibit that educates our guests in an engaging, dynamic way.”

Luci Creative was responsible for the design and fabrication of the exhibition, which together with the Museum’s graphic design and digital media team, resulted in “Turn Back the Clock’s” interactive and immersive experience. The exhibit invites the public to learn about the intersection of science and policy related to nuclear weapons and proliferation, nuclear energy and climate change, and how the nuclear age has shaped our world today. “Turn Back the Clock” highlights the urgency of these issues, inviting visitors to add their voice to the discussion. Within the exhibit, guests will find the Clock’s intricate 70-year history woven into three distinct parts: the dawn of the nuclear age, how people’s actions have caused the Clock to move away from midnight and toward a safer world and the ongoing global challenges we face today.

“Presently set at just two-and-a-half minutes to midnight, the Doomsday Clock reflects the importance of paying attention to the urgent global issues of nuclear weapons and climate change,” said AJ Goehle, Director Strategy and Design at Luci Creative. “Through thoughtful and provocative design, Luci Creative aims to encourage guests to engage with these problems, take part in the debate, and ultimately take action on these issues as a response to their experience with ‘Turn Back the Clock.”