Luci Creative developed and designed a dimensional experience using three 103” multi-touch backgrounds that shared information across all three screens. The room had to serve two functions. One use would be as a high security presentation environment and the other as an experiential self-guided environment for visitors. The screens can deliver content, or create an environment for government presentations with a touch on any screen.

The technology developed also needed to work for both divergent uses, and do so seamlessly with little effort from Microsoft DC employees. In addition, presenters needed to control all aspects of the presentation from multiple touch points, both within the presentation itself as well as in provided equipment.

For an immersive Visitor Center experience, the glass partitions can be re-configured into an arrangement that allowed the visitor access to multiple layers of Microsoft’s state-of-the-art research and design. We partnered with Ravenswood Studio early on in the process to help with cost estimation, feasibility, and then fabrication and installation.