In partnership with The Buffalo History Museum, Luci Creative conceived a ten-year master plan for the Institution. Through this master plan, the Museum is working to achieve three major goals: (1) To share the history of Western New York, building relationships and fostering connections across diverse communities and cultures; (2) To utilize the Museum’s extensive collections to inspire curiosity, emotion, and a sense of connection; and (3) To implement long-term strategic actions to connect the Museum’s three city sites, while also reaching beyond the campus to create sustained engagement with people across the region.

To help the Museum achieve these goals, Luci Creative spent nine months working with board members, staff, and community stakeholders. Everything from defining the Museum’s future vision and Statement of Purpose, to ensuring that programing and exhibits reflect the mission, was explored. The Museum also analyzed how to build lasting relationships with diverse communities, and to engage them in the co-creation of new exhibits.

Our team worked with the Museum to develop new, remote strategies for creative collaboration that were borne from the global COVID-19 pandemic. A private website and blog were developed to serve as a foundation for discussion on what operational and visitor experience practices should be incorporated into the Museum.

I am very grateful for our work together during the Pandemic and that we pushed through. It really helped us navigate in this rapidly changing environment more effectively.
Melissa Brown, Executive Director of The Buffalo History Museum