Everything is not as it seems at the corner of Fourth and Congress.

Bravo Media took over a parking lot in Austin to promote the second season of its con-artist comedy “Imposters.” Its installation provides free manicures and make-up touch-ups plus three sets to serve as backdrops for visitors’ social-media pictures: a private jet, a yacht and an ice hotel.

Maria Laino DeLuca, senior VP of consumer and trade marketing at Bravo, says creating memorable interactions is key to finding new audiences.

“Experiential is becoming more and more important—this idea of immersing yourself, experiencing the brand, really having these touchpoints and creating these experiences,” DeLuca tells us in this episode of Remotely Entertaining from SXSW. “Whether it’s the social currency of a selfie or meeting talent, or really getting up close to the brand, [an event like this] just goes so much further … In a world where we are becoming less social, I think these things are necessary.”

Bravo worked with 360i and Luci Creative to develop the idea. Ravenswood Studio built the sets.

Check out the sets (and a cheers with some fake plastic Champagne) in the video linked here.