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Luci Creative is actively leading conversations around industry trends and we want to share our best practices and insights. We are here for you, whether you are considering an opening or reopening, or looking for fresh ideas.


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We are all wondering how to ensure a safe and comfortable return to our spaces when the time comes. And like you, we’re preparing and learning.

These are unprecedented times. As the situation unfolds around us, Luci Creative continues working with our clients and partners to both reorient what we already know about creating engaging visitor experiences, and to establish new design approaches.

Luci Creative wants to talk with you about what we’re learning, and to share ideas about preparing for your return visitors. We invite you to schedule a call with our creative team for a discussion about your current visitor experiences and spaces, changing needs, and innovative solutions, to help develop both an immediate and long term plan.

From building with easily cleaned materials, to regulating visitor circulation, or providing touchless interactive and educational experiences, design solutions abound. Together, we will identify ways to address your visitors’ concerns and align your spaces with emerging best practices in visitor experience planning and design.


  • We’ll begin our exercise with questions designed to provoke dialogue.
  • Our team members will guide the discussion, drawing out concerns held by you and your team.
  • We’ll encourage you to share your ideas with us.
  • Luci Creative will then provide you with a road map to meeting these new needs – customized for your institution, space, and audience.

Your spaces are important. They provide your communities with a place to gather and create meaning together.

We would love to help you! To begin our conversation, please reach out to David Whitemyer or Jill Rossini.