Luci Creative’s Senior Exhibit Designer (SED) is an experienced designer who is responsible for leading the integration of all physical, experiential, and space planning aspects of projects. Luci’s SED is an effective mentor who is passionate about creative work and inspires creative teams and clients. This person possesses a combination of technical knowledge, leadership experience, design savvy and creative charisma.

The Senior Exhibit Designer is a hands-on leader that will be responsible for project planning, design estimating and implementation oversight of project’s physical and aesthetic strategy. The SED will coordinate closely between the 2D and 3D teams to efficiently and effectively execute the design and project goals and strategies established by Luci’s Design Director and Executive Creative Director.

For individual projects, the Senior Exhibit Designer will work with the Design Director to develop both physical and aesthetic strategies for achieving client and project goals. The SED will assist in developing ROM Budgets for planning and both internal and external coordination. The SED is responsible for collaborating with the Luci team to integrate content strategies, environment, interactives, and visual content delivery solutions.

They will lead the planning and execution of 3D design projects and work closely with Luci’s exhibit development and 2D design teams to ensure full and effective integration of all physical design elements, content delivery, interactives and media elements. The SED will also be responsible for coordination with our client teams. They will ensure that the goals and strategies established by the Design Director, Executive Creative Director and clients are fulfilled at the highest possible level. As needed, they will also participate in sales meetings, project kick-off meetings, and milestone meetings, and will serve as the internal quality control.

This position shall also closely coordinate with the Design Director, Executive Creative Director, CEO, Studio Manager, and Production Manager on project planning, budgeting and scheduling of design activities and resources needed to help ensure successful completion of assigned projects. The DD will add input into proposal development and scope definition to ensure budget alignment and project success.

This position is responsible for directly managing 3D portions of projects and all physical assets and coordinating with the 2D and Exhibit Development teams to ensure quality, deliverables, timelines and budgets.


Essential Job functions include but are not limited to:

Group vision: Advocate for client goals and project objectives from project initiation through implementation

  • Team leadership (motivation and articulation): Develop, mentor and direct 3D staff, and inspire all levels of creative leadership
  • Be recognized and utilized by Luci’s staff and clients as a leader for high-level creative and strategic direction
  • Create and develop creative content and design concepts that meet the business objectives of the organization and advance the clients strategy.
  • Works with the team through the early phase of the project to develop the concept and continues to drive vision and project through execution.

Project Management:

  • Lead project which includes management of 3D design support, freelance design support, studio traffic planning, and execution of design deliverables
  • Complies with project schedule by conferring with the Design Director, forming and outlining basic presentation concepts; planning and assigning project workload, and coordinating creative activities.
  • Develops assets and documentation to be used for project budget estimating
  • Creates and maintains creative development schedule to allow enough time for budgeting proposed designs
  • Leads team through establishing project 3D design strategies and assigning deliverable objectives
  • Ensure on-time execution of all final project deliverables prior to client distribution (25%, 50%, 90%, etc.)
  • Work closely with Design Director and the production team on implementation, as design advocate and bridge between design and production (design through on-site installation)
  • Communicate with other members of the project team throughout the project to resolve reported problems, obtain additional information, and ensure timely reviews.
  • Attend cross-functional meetings as authority of specific projects 3D environmental design
  • Work with creative leads to provide milestone deliverables
  • Attend and present at project client milestone presentations as needed as 3D lead and team creative advocate
  • Provide communication updates to Project Manager and Design Director regarding client contact throughout a project
  • Participate in the preparation of detailed project schedules to support major milestone deliverables
  • Taking a project from preliminary research to opening and provide support to the Project Manager with critical information and creative oversight of the design to fabrication process.

Creative Management:

  • Working with clients and co-workers in a highly creative process and clearly communicate design concepts and development as a whole
  • Working closely with the Design Director and Project Manager to help in the planning, budgeting, and scope delineation for new projects
  • Engaging in the complete planning processes and ideation sessions with clients and the Luci team.
  • Working with the team to establish design criteria, asset delivery schedules and goals.
  • Illustrate ideas and solutions via hand-sketching and rendering, 3D modeling and rendering, CAD design and construction documents.
  • Design advocacy (to clients, vendors and partners): Balance brilliant creative work with doing what’s right for the client and project budget
  • Proactively solve problems at all levels, utilizing various resources and skillsets

Client Management:

  • Understand clients’ business, industry and needs at the highest level
  • Work with Luci team and clients to set goals for individual projects
  • Create and maintain professional client partnerships built on trust, respect and results
  • Listen to client needs and work with the team towards developing responsive solutions

Internal Management:

  • Responsible for managing the 3D portions of projects. This includes:
    • Setting daily/weekly goals
    • Managing/assisting Junior staff on projects
    • Develop workplans
    • Assessing Junior staff for creativity and productivity
    • Mentor and develop Junior staff
    • Manage 3D portion of projects to the budget and schedule
  • Assist project managers from Luci to resolve any ongoing design issues during fabrication
  • Work closely with production team on implementation as design advocate and creative bridge between design and production (design through on-site installation)
  • Communicate with other members of the project team throughout the project to resolve reported problems, obtain additional information, and ensure timely reviews.
  • Attend cross-functional meetings as a representative of 3D design management